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How To Lose A Client In 12 Ways

Sunil Vishnu K, Director of evam Entertainment rants about the various communication faux pas in today’s world.

Life lessons on how to deal with people in your official and personal space.

Having been at the receiving end of many irritating clients, I would like to tell you all that when you deal with suppliers, clients, partners, audience, please…

  1. Always respond quickly. Don’t make them wait. Be it an e-mail, meeting request or anything else.
  2. If you have to say no, say no. Don’t say maybe and keep them hanging. Never be ambiguous.
  3. Don’t haggle too much about money. Value your product. Know the bargaining limit and close loops.
  4. Pick up calls.
  5. Message them if you can’t pick up. Let them know when you will be available.
  6. Call back people whenever you promised.
  7. Make people feel special when they meet you. You may not do business with them today, but you should want to build a relationship with them. It will always be useful.
  8. Be nice to everyone.
  9. Be grateful. You are in a position in which others want to interact with you.
  10. Listen more. Speak less. You never know what you might learn.
  11. Be interested in them. If not, try to find something interesting about them. If not, ACT, damn it!
  12. Get to know them a little bit more personally. Everyone likes to share personal anecdotes… Okay most of them do!

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