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IncQ- The Inclusiveness Quotient

You are working furiously on your project. You need a break. You go up to the coffee machine and grab a cappuccino. A couple of guys are also standing there , watching you.And you hear a snigger and a few mumbled words thrown in your direction. You turn around to look. And you hear some juvenile laughter. You are angry, but you control yourself and go back to your desk, not happy but you “Let it be”.
Why ? Just because you are a girl?  Or just because they are guys?
You want to use the loo. It is a normal thing. For most. But for you it is a daily ordeal. People watch you with curious unfriendly eyes. You quickly try to go back, but the vultures are cackling and making those stereotypical mocking gestures.
Why ? Just because you have a different sexual orientation?  Or just because they are,well, people?
You move towards the lunch room. You go when  there is less of a crowd, for you are sure to be noticed. And people will come and talk to you , just to make fun of you and your accent.
Why ? Is it your fault that you are weak in English? Or just because they are people?
A play. A set of actors. A director. A rehearsal in progress. One of you is playing the mother, another is the father, and the other is the  gay son. The director pulls up the erring actor, acknowledges a good performance and helps the one who needs help.
Why? Because they are actors who play ROLES and are not treated as male or female or gay or child. There is EQUALITY. This is INCLUSIVENESS. They are responded to as the roles they are playing and not as the perceived stereotypes they represent.
Let us move beyond IQ and EQ and go towards IncQ , the INCLUSIVENESS QUOTIENT. How can we measure that ? How can we empower that in the corporate world of today which has diversity as its DNA without realizing the fallout of its impact?
Training Sideways , has been working on (D)iversity and (I)nclusion for over 4 years now. With artists at the core of our organization, we have incorporated the best of the performance arts methodologies into this sensitive but critical area of human capital interaction.
By placing the participants right into the core of the D and I challenge, inside a blanket of a non threatening fun laced labyrinth, we gently nudge them to become more sensitive, less judgemental and use the power of their IncQ to produce happy collaborative work. Theatre at its productive best. Do give it a try. Art transforms you. Always.

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